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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of the Borough office?

Typically Monday through Friday, 8:00am. to 4:30pm.

How can I contact the Borough office?

Phone #: 717- 272-7167
Fax #: 717-274-3975
Address: 140 West Walnut Street, Cleona Pennsylvania 17042

How do I contact the Mayor or a Council Member?

You may contact the Borough office, and leave a message with the secretary, and they will forward the message to the appropriate person.

Where do I pay my sewer bill?

All payments may be made at the Borough office, during normal business hours or mailed to the Borough office at 140 West Walnut Street, Cleona PA 17042 or dropped off at the deposit box at the Borough Bldg. on the parking entrance side.

Does the Borough have its own Police Department?

Yes, you may call the Cleona Borough Police Department with any police related questions or visit the departments web site at,

Does the Borough have a Fire Department?

Yes, you may call the department with any fire safety related questions or visit their web site at

Does the Borough have a highway department?

The borough does not have an fulltime or full service highway department. The Borough contracts out for services such as plowing, major road repairs, leaf removal, street sweeping and other miscellaneous services. The Borough does employ a part-time, seasonal person for the purpose of general road repair and maintenance.

Can I rent the park pavilion?

Yes, you must call the Borough office to rent the pavilion for a fee, and you must pickup the keys during normal business hours. The keys may than be dropped off at the key deposit box at the Borough office, on the parking lot entrance side. The pavilion facilities may be rented, however the rest of the park is still open to the public including the playground.

May local community groups use the Borough Council Chambers to hold a meeting?

Yes, please call the Borough office for more details, and for available dates and times.

Why are all of the forms or documents on the Boroughs web site in PDF format?

Adobe PDF documents can be shared, viewed, and printed by anyone, on any system, using free Adobe Reader® software — regardless of the operating system, original application, or fonts and is the standard for sharing documents on the internet. You may download Adobe Reader free of charge by clicking on the icon below.

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